Melrose School Committee
Regular Meeting
3/19/2013 7:00 PM
Aldermanic Chamber
City Hall, 1st Floor   562 Main Street   Melrose, MA 02176
1. Call to Order/Pledge
1. Roll Call
2. Public Comment - 7:00 PM
1. To open Public Comment
2. To close Public Comment
3. Report of the Student Representatives - 7:15PM
4. Consent Agenda - vote to approve
1. Melrose High School Field Trip - Habitat for Humanity
a. MHS Field Trip Request
Remove from Consent Agenda
Minutes of Feb 26, 2013 7:00 PM
Minutes of Mar 7, 2013 5:30 PM
Monthly Maintenance Report
a. Monthly Maintenance Report
5. Subcommittees (Committee of the Whole)
A. Educational Programs and Personnel - Christine Casatelli/Donald Constantine
1. iPad Lab Pilot Update
a. iPad Lab Pilot
2. MVMMS Proposed Changes to Programming
a. MVMMS Budget Proposals.3.19.2013
3. MHS Proposed Changes to Programming
a. MHS Proposed Changes 3.19.13
b. New Programs for POS
4. To accept updates to the Program of Studies as presented, including sciene and physical educaiton enhancements that were noted.
5. Athletic Proposed Changes to Programming
6. To accept new start-up programs of girls hockey and boys and girls lacrosse
B. Finance and Facilities - Donald Lehman/Donald Constantine
1. Budget Approval Guidelines
a. Budget Approval Guidelines DBL-20130314
2. School Committee review of MVMMS Budget
3. School Committee review of MHS Budget including Fees for Consumables, Photography and Transcripts
a. Fees Memo
4. School Committee review of Athletic Budget including Athletic Fees
5. To approve Monthly Maintenance Report
C. Policy and Planning - Margaret Driscoll/Mayor Rob Dolan
1. Policy Deletions 5219 and 5230
a. 5219 and 5230 deletions
6. Announcement - Superintendent of Schools
1. District Updates
7. Announcements - School Committee Chair
1. School Committee Norms
a. 3.7.13 retreat notes[3]
b. 031113 MSC Norms Draft 1
2. Moving Meeting Day to Thursday
3. To approve the minutes of February 26, 2013 and March 7, 2013
8. Public Comment
1. To open Public Comment
2. To close Public Comment
9. Adjourn
1. To adjourn

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